The Relationship Of STIKES Bali And Kaigo Fukushishi Service Foundation Yuyu – JAPAN


The urgent need of health workers, especially care giver in Japan has brought a number of Japanese foundations came to Bali to offer cooperation in recruiting STIKES Bali graduates to work in Japan. On January, 22th 2018, The President of Kaigo Fukushishi Service Foundation Yuyu – Mr. Fujii Noriyuki with his staffs and some recruiting members from Japan visited STIKES Bali. They were welcomed by The President of STIKES Bali Foundation, Drs. Ida Bagus Arka and Deputy Director III of Student Affairs, Ns. I Ketut Alit adianta, S.Kep., MNS and some lecturers from The Office of Public Relation and International Affairs of STIKES Bali.

The point discussed in the meeting was the recruitment of STIKES Bali graduates programs to work as a care worker in nursing homes in Japan, under the Kaigo Fukushishi Service Yuyu Foundation. STIKES Bali is ready to provide the learning environment and the Kaigo will provide native – Japanese teachers to teach the STIKES Bali graduates.

At the meeting, it was also agreed that both institutions would carry out the MOU signing as soon as possible in order to implement the Japanese language training program and prepare the STIKES Bali graduates to work as care giver in Japan. This cooperation will expand the job opportunity for our graduates and it is expected that in the near future there will be more graduates can work either as a care worker or nurse in Japan.