BACHELOR OF NURSING (4 years program)

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Bachelor of Nursing is a program of 8 semesters, full time study. The maximum duration of study is 10 semesters. The course is designed for high-school graduates seeking registration as a nurse. The course comprises 147 credit points of study.

 Students are prepared for practice through a combination of on campus theory and the latest simulation activities, as well as supported clinical practice in a variety of health care settings. Students also gain exposure to nursing practice within the program, and become familiar with the range of clinical placements offered reflecting the diverse roles of nursing today.

 On successful completion of this course, students will be awarded the qualification of Bachelor of Nursing / Sarjana Keperawatan (S. Kep). Graduates of this course are expected to have the competence in implementing their expertise and utilizing information and technology within their field in problem-solving activities. They are also expected to be adaptable towards situations that they encounter while administering nursing services. In addition, graduates of this course are also expected to be competent in taking the right decisions based on their analysis on available information and data and able to give directions or instructions in selecting various alternative solutions both independently and collectively.