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From the beginning of its development, the institute has set its purpose to be a changing agent. Our country, Indonesia is experiencing changes in response to competition in the globalizing world, and STIKES Bali acknowledges that its role and contribution to every change in the local and global levels will be determined by the institute’s activities in the society. In order to give significant contribution to the nation and to the world, STIKES Bali sets its vision to produce professional graduates which able to compete both nationally and globally.

To develop the institution in order to be able to produce professional graduates in nursing and midwifery, which are able to compete in national as well as international job markets based on science, skills, profession ethics and development of technology and science.


  1. To increase the faith quality of the faculty members and all the students to the God.
  2. To increase the professionalism in conducting education in order to produce graduates who are able to compete nationally as well as internationally.
  3. To develop STIKES Bali as an education and training centre of health practitioners and increasing professionalism of health practitioners.
  4. To develop capabilities and professionalism of teaching staffs and other human resources through the increase of educational degree and training accordance with their specialty.
  5. To develop and increase networking and collaboration with other national as well as international institutions in developing science and technology in education and services of health practitioners.

In general, the development of Institute of Health Sciences Bali is focused on the following:

  1. To produce professional health practitioners (Bachelor in Nursing, Diploma in Nursing, Diploma in Midwifery, and other professions) which able to compete nationally and globally.
  2. To strengthen faculty members based on profession ethics and global knowledge.
  3. To realize Institute of Health Sciences Bali as a development centre of science and technology in health, so it can be a changing agent.