Office of International Affairs

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The office of international affairs is the institute’s division dedicated to support the internationalization goals of the institution and to handle international cooperation and mobility involving our and international scholars and students. The goals are to bridge STIKES Bali’s scholars and students with overseas universities, and assist international students and scholars handle their academic related matters at STIKES Bali. Established in 2009 with only one staff handling all activities, the Office of International Affairs has proven that its existence is undeniably important to the internationalization goals of the institute. In 2013 the Office is officially acknowledged as an independent unit which ran by the Head of Office and supporting staffs.

Being professional, proactive, progressive and productive is a must for those who work in this office. Working under limited time with heavy workloads is a daily condition which requires tough and fully dedicated staffs.

In relation to the institute’s development and internationalization, the office has three main duties. The first duty is accommodating both incoming and outgoing academic mobility. On incoming mobility, the office is in charge of accommodating, coordinating and maintaining foreign students and scholars who wish to engage in academic activities in STIKES Bali, community services and others related activities in Bali. The office is also responsible in handling the admission process, permit, administration and hospitality services. On outgoing mobility, the office is in charge of accommodating, coordinating and maintaining students and scholars of STIKES Bali who wish to conduct academic activities overseas, such as participating in an exchange program, presenting papers at international conferences, conducting international research projects, pursuing higher education level, passport application and visa permit. The second duty is initiating, facilitating, executing and developing networks and partnership both within and outside the country. The third duty is monitoring and evaluating all collaborations and partnerships for improvement of the institute.