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Situated within the community, the institute’s value for Indonesian and Balinese traditions is evident by the preservation and enhancement of local architecture on both campuses. The campus buildings are featured with the blend of Balinese traditional architecture and modern concepts without leaving the academic atmosphere, allowing the campus to be a truly part of the community. Its uniqueness has become its own magnet attracting people to select STIKES Bali as their place to study. Sufficient facilities and the warm atmosphere make every single person feels like they are at home.

The institute has 2 campuses which located at Tukad Pakerisan Street Number 90 (Campus I) and Tukad Balian Street Number 180, Denpasar (Campus II). Campus I accommodates the Diploma 3 of Nursing Department, student’s dormitory and library; and the Campus II accommodates the Department of Bachelor of Nursing and Diploma 3 of Midwifery, also all laboratories and the convention hall.