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  • Curriculum

In addition to the core curriculum in Nursing and Midwifery programs set by the Ministry of Education and Culture, STIKES Bali also provide its students with others lessons reflecting the Balinese local wisdoms and accommodating the demands of stake holders or society. Foreign language subjects, namely English and Japanese are taught to address the need of English or Japanese speaking nurses and midwives in Bali.


  • Caring for everyone

The institute strives to provide outstanding standard of care to students and achieve this because the commitment of all managements and staffs to foster a community atmosphere, reflecting Balinese culture, philosophical values and local wisdom. Class supervisor and academic advisor are available to support students in maintaining their study motivation and assist them in dealing with any academic-related issues throughout their academic journey. STIKES Bali values each student as a unique individual and treats each individual with patient and care. We believe the success of an individual reflects the success of the institute.


  • Theory and Practice

STIKES Bali graduates are highly acknowledged for their good practical skill joined with strong theoretical understanding. Extensive clinical practices are a part of all courses offered by the institute. Students are also equipped with skills in handling trauma, cardiac cases, and life support. This is an opportunity for students to consolidate their knowledge and work towards clinical competency. Students undertake a range of practice placements in both community ad hospital settings as part of their program. All these practices allow students to interpret knowledge into practical experience and maximize student employment prospects.



  • Campus Facilities



Laboratories in STIKES Bali are equipped with sophisticated medical equipments which similar to those in modern hospitals. Laboratories of specialization, namely, maternity, pediatric, medical, surgical, mental health and community, also computer and language laboratories are available on campus. These facilities assist our students growing their confidence in providing health services to patients. Any sense of hesitance and anxiety will disappear and the practice of administering intervention and service to patients is considered to be similar as in the real life practice.


Convention Hall

Students’ and lecturers’ creativities that related to science and education, art performance, students’ competition and graduation ceremony can be held in the campus’ artistic Convention Hall.



The STIKES Bali library is located in campus 1, on level 2. Balinese architecture dominates the library reading hall. It is spacious, quiet and comfortable. The Library accommodates over 5.300 textbooks and 35 modules. More information about the Library, visit http://stikes-bali.ac.id


Student Dormitory

Located in Campus 1, this dormitory was established along with the campus in 1980s. The STIKES Bali dormitory accommodates female students from the Diploma 3 of Nursing program only. Overall services are provided for those who stay in the dorm, including food, personal hygiene equipments and bedroom dressings.